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Jules Pointing Sage Grouse at 5 1/2 Months Old

Welcome to Heyjudegwps, home of Idaho German Wirehaired Pointers. After many years of too much working and not enough fun time I got back to having a hobby. I have enjoyed hunting since I was a little kid and life had taken it away from me. Now with the job I have the time is there so I started back hunting with my brother Tony and cousin Tom. Tom and his wife Jodi have Idawire GWPS where Tony had gotten his GWP. After spending time behind these dogs I knew what I wanted - a GWP. I started visiting with Tom and decided on a breeding coming up that would suit me, so in April of 2015 that's when Jules entered my world. It has been non-stop training for both of us since, we spend countless hours in the field (I am 15 minutes from birds in the hills). Jules is the foundation bitch for HeyJude', with the help of Tom & Jodi I will add more dogs as time and the correct dogs work into the breeding program.

German Wirehaired Pointer
German Wirehaired Pup
German Wirehaired Pointer Pup
Plaques And Ribbons From The German Wirehaired 2015 Nationals
German Wirehaired Pointer Pup
German Wirehaired Pointer Pup

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