Important Links For German Wirehaired Pointers

GWPCA  (German Wirehaired Pointer Club of America)

The GWPCA is the parent club of the breed.  You can find information about the club, and about the breed at this web-site.  You can also find a breeder-list of club members.  Threre is also information on how to join the club.  members receive the club's quarterly magazine--The Wirenews.


AKC (The American Kennel Club)

AKC registers purebred dogs, and hosts dog events including field trials, hunt tests, dog shows, agility competitions and obedience trials.  You can also find information about GWPs on this site, as well as information about competing in different events.


NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association)

NAVHDA is dedicated to testing pointing dogs for field abilities, starting with their natural ability test, and moving towards the challenging Utility Dog test, and for their top competitors, the NAVHDA Invitational.  Most local clubs offer training opportunities, in addition to testing, and this can be a great place to learn how to train your pointing dog puppy.


OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of America)

The OFA is a health registry, and you can find the health testing results for many health tests on this site.  Reputable breeders should test their dogs for Hip displasia.  Many breeders also test for thyroid, elbows, heart, and eyes.

Here are some Websites of other GWP Breeders

Idawire German Wirehaired Pointers

Tom & Jodi Quesnell have been raising high quality hunting, trialing and show dogs since 1999. They have 2 Dual Champs to their name and will have more before it's over. This is where I got my start and work very closely with them on the breedings I do (we usually co-breed my litters). Tom & Jodi live in western Washington.

Ghostwind GWPs

Sherry Holt has been involved in purebred dogs, and is now an active GWP exhibitor.  She started her kennel with dogs from Idawire and AM GWPs, and has building a line of her own using some of the top lines in the country.  Located in Brighton, Colorado

Cynister GWPs

Cathie Magoon has had success in the show ring, and is now building the field abilities of her dogs.  She has owned dual champions, and many of her dogs are successful hunting dogs.  Idawire regularly co-breeds litters with Cynister GWPs. Cathie lives in Southern California.

IronWire GWPs

Adam and Amy Cunningham have started their kennel with three Idawire dogs, that they have shown, hunted and field trialed.  They are interested in breeding GWPs that have strong field ability, have correct conformation, and have good temperaments.  IronWire is located in Parker, Colorado.


Wireswest GWPs

Meg Eden breeds GWPs that first and foremost are hunting dogs, that are competitive in field trials and with correct conformation in the show ring.  She lives in Eastern Oregon.


Dual Shot GWPs

Karla Hawkins has been breeding great hunting dogs, with correct conformation for many years, combining many of the great bloodlines from the pacific northwest.  She lives in Eastern Oregon.


AM German Wirehaired Pointers

Miranda and Tony Wagoner have started their GWP breeding program with an Idawire dog.  They are interested in showing and hunting their dogs and will be breeding litters focused on field and show.  Located in Greeley, Colorado.


Aspendel GWPs

Bob & Sean Perry is a professional dog-show handler, and breeds top show-quality GWPs, while observing the importance of field ability.  Bob lives in Oregon

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